Creative Consulting

Creative Consulting

Blenheim Consulting is an international consulting firm with offices in Europe, Montenegro and the UK offering project management services to clients worldwide.

We specialise in project management sevices and are currently operational in Europe, the Balkans and the UK.

We offer the following services:

  • Construction Services including; Cost Analysis, Estimating and Construction Specification.
  • Complex project code compliance analysis
  • Advanced data analysis and estimation processing
  • Investor Representation
  • Troubled Project Repair and Re-launch.
  • Project Risk Analysis and Scheduling.
  • Contract Work - we offer expert and experienced resources on a contract basis.
  • Complete IT Start-Up Services.
  • IT Project Management, Procurement and implementation.
  • Documentation - both Project and IT.
  • Local Construction Urban Planning Permissions.

Project Management - we'll actively lead a team to complete your project. We'll gather requirements, outline dependencies, run sprints, outline key milestones and all the other good stuff you expect from a project manager.

Blenheim Consulting believes that with the right combination of skills, communication, preparation and attention to detail, our project management teams will produce excellent results

Project Management and Construction case studies.