Case Studies

Youth Peace Camp 2012 - 22nd to 30th June 2012
European Youth Centre Budapest - Senior Trainer

Youth Peace Camps were initiated by the Council of Europe in 2004. The Youth Peace Camp concept brings together young people and youth organisations from opposing sides from conflict-stricken regions to take part in dialogue and conflict transformation activities.  The activities are based on human rights education and intercultural learning and are designed to provide the young people with a positive experience in living and learning together. In 2012 the Youth Peace Camp took place at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg under the direction of the Youth Department of the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation.

Nik was contracted to work as senior trainer along with 8 junior facilitators – 1 from each country represented. Nik’s role was to support and coach the facilitators as they needed and be responsible for the implementation of all sessions. To contribute to the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the Youth Peace Camp 2012, engaging young people and youth organisations from conflict-struck regions in dialogue and conflict transformation based on human rights education and intercultural learning, and write the final report. Nik co-worked with the Youth Departments Education Advisor.


Symposium on Youth Policy Cooperation in South East Europe:
focus on recognition of youth work & non-formal learning
1st to 3rd October 2012 Tirana, Albania Rapporteur

This symposium continued the reflection and exchange of views and development of ideas from previous symposia and other European level meetings, particularly the ‘Pathways 2.0: Towards Recognition of Non-Formal Learning/Education and of Youth Work in Europe’, that took place in Strasbourg in 2011. In recent years recognition has been a key issue in the region of South East Europe particularly in the civil society sector and to a lesser extent on a Governmental level. The symposium provided the possibility to focus on youth policy cooperation in the region and continue to place the topic of recognition of youth work and non-formal learning/education on the political agenda of the countries of the South East Europe region.

This event was organised by the European Union-Council of Europe Youth Partnership together with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania and a number of partners: SALTO Resource Centres for South East Europe, East Europe and Caucasus, and Training and Cooperation, Austrian National Agency for Youth in Action Programme and United Nations Family PA.

Nik’s role was the rapporteur for the final report (to be published) and an expert for the Panel Discussion. He also made the closing speech. There were over 80 participants from across Europe and the Caucasus region.


Youth Peace Advocacy UNOY PeaceBuilders & Council of Europe Youth Department
14th to 20th October 2012
European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary
External Trainer

To give youth peace NGOs an opportunity to reflect on advocacy, as well as to share practices and ideas on how to improve their advocacy work. A space to exchange ideas, expertise and approaches on advocacy in the local, European and international level, by exploring diverse activities, possibilities and challenges related to youth peace advocacy. Assist youth NGOs of UNOY Peacebuilders’ network in their role as active stakeholders by engaging in national and international decision making processes related to peacebuilding and conflict transformation. 

Nik was the external representative of the Council of Europe, Youth Department, he was there to represent the Council of Europe and support the UNOY team in their work and offer guidance where necessary. There were 26 participants from 14 different countries, mostly from Europe but also from Cape Verde and Nepal.


Other Activities
2006 to present

The images below come from a selection of training courses and seminars that Nik has been employed as a trainer on. Tasks usually include developing and writing a programme for the activity, preparing session outlines, supporting junior staff, cooperating and communicating with the organisers, implementing the activity, evaluating the activity, and sometimes being responsible for the final report.

  • Training of Facilitators TC4, Youth Department of the Council of Europe, Hungary: Trainer – 2011
  • Balkan Sunshine Bus Tour on Intercultural Dialogue, Youth Express Network, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro: Trainer – 2008
  • Instant Creativity, Genc Gelisim, Turkey: Trainer
  • Intercultural Learning, Save the Children Macedonia: Trainer – 2006
  • Play On – Partnership Building Seminar, Polish National Agency for the European Commission Youth in Action Programme,Poland: Trainer – 2010
  • Roma Youth European Youth, Nevu Parudimos, Romania: Trainer – 2011 and 2012
  • Step by Step to Mentoring in EVS, Centre for Intercultural Dialogue, Macedonia: Trainer 2012
  • Combatting Violence Against Women, CEIPES Turkey: Trainer – 2012